Streaming starts from October 2 (Sat), 3 (Sun) 2021

Some content to enjoy before TGS even starts!

Gaming music continuously paints the hearts of game fans around the world.

From nostalgic games of yesteryear to masterpieces of the hottest games,

we present an exclusive orchestra concert which only the TOKYO GAME SHOW could offer.



In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Tokyo Game Show and for the first time in the history of TGS, we will hold very exclusive, dynamic performances. A full orchestra and a big band and more will perform numerous gaming masterpieces that painted various generations.

This event will feature two main stages with full orchestra performances and an omnibus stage featuring a wide range of performances by a big band, pipe organs and more.

The main stage will feature performances by the TGS Special Orchestra specially organized for this event at the prestigious Suntory Hall.

All events will be delivered through online streaming. Archives will also be streamed after the TGS for those of who are too busy watching other events on TGS weekend. Don't miss it!


Two full orchestra concerts by TGS Special Orchestra

Streaming starts from October 2 (Sat), 2021

*You can enjoy this stage anytime until October 31 (Sun).

  3. Genshin Impact
  4. Phantasy Star Online
  • - Break time -
  4. MONSTER HUNTER series
  5. *The number of songs performed vary depending on the title.

  6. *Click here for a list of songs.

Streaming starts from October 3 (Sun), 2021

*You can enjoy this stage anytime until October 31 (Sun).

  1. Sakura Wars
  2. Revelations: Persona
  3. Atelier Marie / Atelier Ryza 2
  4. Tales of Phantasia
  5. STAR OCEAN / STAR OCEAN First Departure
  • - Break time -
  1. RESIDENT EVIL series
  2. NiGHTS​ into dreams...
  4. Arc The Lad Ⅱ
  6. *The number of songs performed vary depending on the title.

  7. *Click here for a list of songs.


TGS2021 Special STAGE & TGS 25th Anniversary STAGE

Full performance (Stage 1 & Stage 2) ticket with benefits
\8,250 (tax included)

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Special 3 Benefits

Luxurious digital brochure

Luxurious digital brochure

Special performance video

Special performance video with gaming footage Excluding some titles

Thumva stage content

Special streaming featuring Thumva stage content

Streaming starts from October 2 (Sat), 2021

TGS2021 Special

Single performance ticket with benefits ¥4,950(tax included)

*included the above 3 benefits

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Single performance ticket ¥3,850(tax included)

Purchase on Eventregist

Streaming starts from October 3 (Sun), 2021

TGS25th Anniversary

Single performance ticket with benefits ¥4,950(tax included)

*included the above 3 benefits

Purchase on Eventregist

Single performance ticket ¥3,850(tax included)

Purchase on Eventregist

A special playlist consisting of one part of the music performed at TGMF

is now available on Amazon Music Unlimited!

TGS2021 ONLINE | TGMF playlist : Click for the detail!


STAGE Game and mucic with us.

Streaming starts from September 23(Thu), 2021

Let's enjoy a gem of a game music concert ahead of the opening of TGS!

On Thumva stage, big bands, pipe organs, and a variety of other performance styles that are different from the main stage perform numerous gaming masterpieces.

Nostalgic shooting games and those battle songs and more.

Thumva stage also has a lineup that only TGS can offer! Don’t miss it!

Click for the details



Ayumu Gonmi

Katsuhiro Ida


Ryo Mikami


Hitomi Koto

Akira Syoji

Shohei Wani

TGS2021 Special STAGE​

*Each program order

TGS25th Anniversary STAGE​


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Katsuhiro Ida

Born in Tottori Prefecture, Katsuhiro Ida graduated from the Department of Music at Tokyo Gakugei University and completed a master’s program at the university's Graduate School of Music.

Since 2003, Katsuhiro has worked as a production assistant for opera companies touring Japan, assisting Seiji Ozawa and Zubin Mehta at La Scala in Milan, the Vienna State Opera, the Bavarian State Opera, and the Tokyo Opera Nomori. In 2004, he participated in the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan project "Asakusa Tenshi" as an assistant conductor to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the founding of the Edo Shogunate. In November 2007, Katsuhiro made his debut in “Swan Lake” produced by the K Ballet Company. Since then, he conducted many performances for the K Ballet Company, as well as ballet performances in Japan and abroad. Since 2018, he conducted NHK Ballet Festival. For music production, he selected and arranged music for K Ballet Company's "Carmen”, "Cleopatra” and "Madame Butterfly". In April 2009, he released CD "Tetsuya Kumakawa's Nutcracker”. Katsuhiro performed with orchestras such as the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, the Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra, the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra, the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra, and the Kyushu Symphony Orchestra. He studied trumpet under Kenji Tamiya, Akira Tanaka, and Hiroki Yamashiro, and conducting under Norihisa Yamamoto and Masamitsu Takahashi. Katsuhiro is currently Music Director of the K Ballet Company and Music Director of the Theater Orchestra Tokyo. He is also a lecturer at the Elizabeth University of Music, and a project lecturer at the Toho Gakuen School of Music.


Ryo Mikami

After graduating as valedictorian from the Department of Music at Tokyo University of the Arts, Ryo received grants from the Meiji Yasuda Quality of Life Cultural Foundation and the Rohm Music Foundation to study at the Meadows School of Music at Southern Methodist University, the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne, and the Menuhin International Music Academy. He also studied under Seiji Kageyama, Edward Schmieder, Pierre Amoyal, and Albert Lizzie. During that time, Ryo was awarded the Ataka Prize, second prize at the Japan Music Competition, the special prize at the Britten International Violin Competition, the second prize at the Stradivarius Competition and many more. He was a member of Camerata Lizzie until 2007 and appeared in concerts throughout Europe. He performed concertos with the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra, the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, the Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra and the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra.

In 2013, Ryo gave a duo recital with the Austrian master pianist Jörg Demus. His debut album "Tzigane," was praised by the Mainichi Newspaper as "a debut album by a young artist that stands above the rest”. After that, he released solo albums "Kanade" and "Passacaglia“. He performed as a guest on Yoshihiro Kondo's "Satisfactions" (Record Geijutsu Magazine's special edition). He also appeared on NHK E-Television's "La La La Classic" and NHK-FM's "Carefree Classic”. Ryo was the concertmaster of the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra from 2007 to 2011, and has been invited to perform as a guest concertmaster from orchestras throughout Japan. He appears regularly with the Saitokinen Orchestra and the Mito Chamber Orchestra. Since 2008, he has been actively involved in performing Beethoven's complete works as the first violinist of the Virtus Quartet. He performed at La Folle Journée and Tokyo Spring Music Festival.

Since 2019, Ryo is a part-time lecturer at the Tokyo University of the Arts and has been selected as jury several times for the Japan Music Competition.

His instrument of choice is a Niccolò Amati made in 1628.


Hitomi Koto

Hitomi was born in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, and grew up in Yokohama. She graduated as valedictorian from the Department of Music and Sound Design at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, majoring in composition and arrangement. She studies composition under Kosuke Yamashita. While at university, she studied under Toshiyuki Watanabe and Asako Miyaki. She is expanding her arena in various fields, like arranging orchestral concerts for numerous famous artists, composing some parts of the music for "OSK Nippon Opera Company Review Summer Dance STARt” and producing background music for TV programs.


庄司 燦Akira Syoji

Euphonium player / Composer / Arranger

Born in Rifu-cho, Miyagi Prefecture, Akira began playing the piano at the age of six and the euphonium at the age of twelve. After graduating from Sendai Daiichi High School in Miyagi Prefecture and the Department of Instrumental Music at the Tokyo University of the Arts, he completed the master's program at the university's Graduate School of Music.

As a euphonium player, Akira continues to perform extensively in recitals and makes guest appearances in orchestras. As an arranger/composer, he composes music for wind and brass instruments, including the Yamagata Symphony Orchestra, the Tokyo New City Orchestra, the professional game music orchestra JAGMO and the Brits Philharmonic Winds. He also arranges music for various orchestras including the Senzoku Gakuen School of Music Fanfare Orchestras and the Tokyo Saxophone Orchestra.

Akira studies under Katsushi Ushiwata and Kaoru Tsuyuki.

He is a euphonium player for the Brass Quartet Air, a member of the Euphonium Quintet KOMAINUZA and a euphonium player for the Tokyo Brass Society.


Shohei Wani

Shohei graduated from the Kunitachi College of Music, where he majored in Composition in the Department of Performance Composition.

In addition to his activities as a jazz pianist mainly in Tokyo, he provides big band music and jazz arrangements for various groups and concerts, including the Yamano Big Band Contest and JApan Game Music Orchestra (JAGMO). He also serves as a support keyboardist for Le Velvets and Nogizaka 46.

Shohei studies electone under Shizue Sasada; Jazz theory and jazz piano under Shinichiro Nakamura; Piano under Yasuko Tajiri and Satoko Inoue; Harmony under Yukie Terazawa, the late Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Kageyuki Ichikawa and Yusuke Ishii; and composition under Toshiya Watanabe.